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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Additions to the Gallery

Marlin House at Botanical Gardens 12x9

Bottom - San Antonio Spring 9x12   Top - Steer Among Us 9x12
 Open Edition Reproductions are available in sizes different from the originals at a reasonable price.

Guadalupe River at Spring Branch 12x9

Castroville Mailbox 12x9
Lost Maples Stream 10x8
All paintings shown in the gallery may also be purchased as Open Edition reproductions in sizes different from the original.  As always, reasonably priced.
Painted Bunting- Private Collection

Brackenridge Park Old Boathouse 12x9

San Antonio Spring 9x12

Mr. Old School 24x18
Willow Loop Stream 12x9

Three Hot Peppers 5x7

Two Hot Peppers 5x7
Country Cabin 9x12

Mountain Mill (a composite) 8x10

On The Road 11x14

Arizona View - Private Collection

Copper and Bonnets - Private Collection

Cat in a Box 8x10
Duck and Reflections - Private Collection

Enchanted RockScene 8x10

Espada Aqueduct 9x12

Espada Mission Gardens and arches 5x7

Guadalupe River at Ingram - Private Collection

Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Additions

Oranges and Bluebonnets 12x9
Rainy Day at Leopold Vista 9x12
Stop and Smell the Flowers
Old School 12x16
The Party's Over 11x14
San Antonio Spring 16x12
Dance of the Cactus Flowers -16x20

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gallery of Fine Art

Alamo Courtyard - 19x25

Ballerina - 18x14

Key West Sail - 19x13

Pink Lady - Donated to KLRN

Tulips - 12x9

Espada Mission Morning - Donated to KLRN PBS

Waterlilies -SA Botanical Gardens 12x15

Two Models at the McNay 12x9

Private Collection

San Jose Mission Grist Mill 14x11

Joe Watching the Game - 24x18 Private Collection

Friends 9x12 Private Collection

Balancing Act - 9x12

Greens at the SA Botanical Gardens 16x20

Vase and Mangoes - 11x14

On The Edge at the Grand Canyon 20x24

Banana Fronds at La Villita 10x8

Pelican Flight at Corpus Christi 16x20

San Jose Mission Courtyard 16x20

At the End of the Day... at Corpus Christi 20x16

Country Morning - near San Antonio 14x11

Acequia Madre (Espada Aqueduct) 9x12

Country Glory at Helotes 11x14

East Texas Road 12x9

Key West Sunset 12x9

San Juan Mission Irrigation Gate 11x14

Rocky Path at Lost Maples 12x9

Sandia Crest Road II-Albuquerque  9x12

Sandia Crest Peak-Albuquerque 8x10

Sunken Gardens  in San Antonio 11x14

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